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Best Bets: 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix Pre-Event Odds

In the captivating backdrop of Utah's Nitrocross double-header, fans witnessed a dramatic twist as Robin Larsson clinched his season's first victory, all thanks to an oversight by teammate Andreas Bakkerud. Though Bakkerud initially took the checkered flag, his missed mandatory joker lap reshuffled the podium, relegating him to fifth. Amid the action, it was Kevin Eriksson who showcased consistency, leaving Utah with a firm grip on the championship lead. Yet, as the dust settles in Salt Lake City, anticipation is already building for the Nitrocross showdown in Phoenix's Wild Horse Pass.

As the engines roar to life for the 4th and 5th rounds on November 10th and 11th, the stakes have never been higher. With Eriksson's dominant presence, Larsson's newfound momentum, and Bakkerud's potential redemption on the horizon, Phoenix promises to be an adrenaline-fueled spectacle. For bettors and fans alike, the desert city holds not just the thrill of the race but a chance to gauge the season's emerging narratives. Stay with us as we delve into the most comprehensive betting analysis, breaking down odds and insights for the electrifying Nitrocross Phoenix showdown.​

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Schedule and How to Watch the 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix

Gear up for an exhilarating two days of action at the Nitrocross showdown. On Friday, Round 4 kicks off with the Top Qualifier at 4:50PM, leading up to intense semi-finals at 6:00PM, the LCQ at 7:55PM, and culminating in the electrifying final at 9:05PM. Saturday’s Round 5 mirrors the excitement with an identical schedule, capping off each day with podium celebrations at 9:30PM.

If you can't make it to the track, you can catch all the pedal-to-the-metal action live on Rumble. For those looking to ramp up the excitement even more by placing bets on the event, ensure you stay tuned to the live action and keep a keen eye on NXTbets for odds updates.

Best Bets and Picks for the 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix

Bets for the 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix include options to wager on the event winner or engage in exciting head-to-head matchups.

Top Picks and Bets for Nitrocross Phoenix


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Robin Larsson



Fraser McConnell



Kevin Eriksson



Robin Larsson, currently sitting at second in the overall standings, has been in impeccable form recently. With two podium finishes in the last three races, he's showcased his sheer determination and driving skills. His remarkable comeback in Salt Lake City, where he moved from fifth to second in just three laps, underlines his potential to dominate in Phoenix. Holding an edge in odds, Larsson's consistency makes him a compelling choice for those eyeing the top spot.

Fraser McConnell, leading the overall standings by a narrow margin, has been the sensation this season. His last race in Salt Lake City witnessed a stellar performance, finishing first with a commendable lead. Although his aggressive style occasionally leads to unexpected setbacks, as seen in the Denver race where he finished fourth, McConnell's ability to bounce back remains unquestioned. Phoenix might just witness another masterclass from this young talent.

The last of our Top Picks, ranked fourth in the overall standings, Kevin Eriksson has shown he's not to be overshadowed by the leaders. His recent third-place finish in Salt Lake City and an impressive second in Denver highlight his upward trajectory. While he's been slightly inconsistent this season, when in form, Eriksson's tactical prowess comes to the fore. Phoenix offers an opportunity for him to narrow the gap with the leaders and solidify his reputation as a top contender.

Outsider Picks for Nitrocross Phoenix


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Andreas Bakkerud



Travis Pastrana



Oliver Eriksson



While not the immediate favorite, Andreas Bakkerud's position slightly behind the frontrunners is misleading. Occupying a mid-tier spot in the overall standings, he has been a dark horse in several races this season. His recent fifth-place finish in Salt Lake City indicates his potential, especially considering the tough competition. Bakkerud's strategic gameplay and unpredictable moves can make Phoenix a race to remember for him. At these odds, he represents value for those seeking an outside bet with decent potential.

A legend in the motorsports community, Travis Pastrana's odds are a testament to the unpredictability of the sport. Although his recent performances haven't put him at the forefront, his past accolades can't be ignored. Recent struggles, including a disappointing finish in Denver, may have put off some, but history has shown Travis has the ability to pull off surprises. If he taps into his extensive experience and makes the necessary tweaks, Phoenix could see a turnaround for him.

Lastly, the odds stacked against Oliver Eriksson are massive, but so is the talent he possesses. Currently at the bottom of the top ten in the overall standings, his recent form hasn't done justice to his capabilities. Despite the challenges, his tenth-place finish in Salt Lake City showcased moments of brilliance. If he can overcome the initial hurdles and find his rhythm, Oliver might just defy the odds in Phoenix and give risk-taking bettors a sizable payout.

Head-To-Head Picks

Matchup (Favorite in Bold)

Robin Larsson (-120) v. Fraser McConnell (-110)

Robin Larsson (-125) v. Kevin Eriksson (-105)

Robin Larsson (-130) v. Andreas Bakkerud (100)

Fraser McConnell (-120) v. Kevin Eriksson (-110)

Fraser McConnell (-125) v. Andreas Bakkerud (-105)

Andreas Bakkerud (-120) v. Kevin Eriksson (-110)

Expert Pick for the Nitrocross Phoenix

Andreas Bakkerud (+313)

Diving deeper into Bakkerud's track record, one can spot his affinity for courses similar to Phoenix's layout. The unique blend of straights and curves in Phoenix aligns with his driving style, favoring his technical prowess. Additionally, his team's recent enhancements to their vehicle setup indicate an attempt to optimize for this specific terrain. Given these factors and his competitive odds, Bakkerud stands out as an exceptional value bet for Nitrocross Phoenix.

Where to Bet on the 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix

Place your bets for the 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix at our partnered sportsbooks. Always remember to survey the latest odds and promotions before locking in your bets. If you're new to the high-octane world of rallycross betting, the comprehensive Nitrocross Betting Guide at NXTbets will set you on the right track. As with all forms of gambling, remember to bet responsibly and within your financial means.

The 2023 Nitrocross Phoenix isn't just about the excitement on the dirt track. It's also an enticing draw for the betting community. Whether you're backing a renowned driver or taking a chance on a promising dark horse, the event promises a thrilling, pedal-to-the-metal betting experience.

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