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How Does Nitrocross Betting Work? Nitrocross Betting Odds Explained

Nitrocross, an action-packed rallycross series founded by Nitro Circus and rallycross legend Travis Pastrana in 2018, just concluded its thrilling 2022-23 season. Sanctioned by the US Auto Club, Nitrocross features intense racing on purpose-built courses with jumps and banked turns, captivating fans and building a dedicated betting niche where players can wager on the adrenaline rush of this unique motorsport.

For players new to Nitrocross Betting, understanding how it works can help minimize risk and increase your winning chances. Are you ready to learn about favorites being more likely to win than underdogs? Keep reading to find out all about Nitrocross betting.

What Is Nitrocross?

Nitrocross, formerly known as Nitro Rallycross, is an exciting motorsport that blends rally and circuit racing. Races typically use mixed-surface tracks and are known for their big jumps

and challenging courses. Popularized by action sports legend Travis Pastrana, this sport has rapidly gained a following due to its unique format and intense competition.

As of January 2024, the 2023 season of Nitrocross consisted of six rounds held over five months. Nitrocross is headlined by Group E and the FC1-X, acclaimed as the best electric race car ever by QEV Technologies and Nitrocross. Other groups in the Nitrocross events are Group NEXT, Baja Bugs and SXS. Nitrocross features massive jumps, treacherous turns, and mind-twisting high-speed racing. The immersive experience Nitrocross creates for its fans has attracted the attention of sports betting platforms.

Betting on Nitrocross allows fans to engage with the sport, combining their passion with the potential for entertainment and profit as they follow the electrifying races.

The betting types available for Nitrocross include:

  1. Futures bets

  2. Overall winner bets

  3. Podium (Top 3) bets

  4. Prop bets

  5. Head-to-head bets

How Does General Betting Work?

Betting is a form of gambling where individuals stake money or valuables on the outcome of an event or specific circumstances. The process involves selecting an event, understanding the associated betting odds representing the probability of outcomes, and placing a wager with a bookmaker or through an online betting platform.

If the prediction is correct, bettors receive their initial wager back along with the winnings. However, if the prediction is wrong, they will lose the amount they initially wagered. Depending on the event and the sportsbook (or betting platform), various types of bets can be placed, such as:

  • Predicting winners

  • Margins of victory

  • Specific statistics

Betting responsibly is crucial. Make sure you are setting budgets, avoid chasing losses and only bet what can be comfortably risked. Betting should be considered entertainment, and responsible gaming is essential to prevent financial and emotional mayhem.

Some online betting platforms offer live or in-play betting, allowing bets to be placed as events unfold, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the betting experience. While betting can be enjoyable and potentially profitable, there are inherent risks. Having a clear plan with a budget and knowledge about the sport will help to minimize these risks.

How Does Nitrocross Betting Work?

Nitrocross betting is available on different online platforms, which provide odds in different formats. The larger population of Nitrocross bets is in the US, and they use a plus/minus format. Underdogs or lesser favorites get the plus (+) sign while favorites get the minus (-) sign. The understanding is simple: a favorite will find it easier to win than an underdog. Therefore, betting on an underdog has to be done cautiously.

Thorough research on drivers, teams, and track conditions is crucial to making informed bets. Once you’ve researched, you can place bets through licensed sportsbooks or online platforms, considering potential payouts based on the odds presented.

Here are some of the popular Nitrocross betting types available on online betting platforms and sportsbooks:

Nitrocross Futures Bets: You can make bets ahead of a Nitrocross racing event or the overall season championship. Nitrocross Future bets cover long periods before the events take place. Also known as outrights, this type of betting is difficult to win in Nitrocross, because many events and drivers are subject to change. These include (but are not limited to) weather changes, cancellations, mechanical issues and injuries. But if won, these bets can offer a significant payoff.

Nitrocross Overall Winner Bets: This bet type allows fans to choose the potential overall winner for an event. This is the most popular type of Nitrocross betting.

Nitrocross Podium (Top 3) Bets: Betting sites sometimes add a different twist to the bets by allowing fans to choose the potential of a top three finish for a specific competitor.

Nitrocross Head-to-head Bets: This betting type allows fans to choose the winner between two athletes. It creates a new variety of betting options available in Nitrocross betting.

Live betting options may also be available for Nitrocross races, enabling in-play wagers as the action unfolds. However, the availability of Live Nitrocross betting markets and odds can vary depending on location and betting platform.

Nitrocross Betting Odds Explained

Nitrocross betting odds are fundamental to wagering on Nitrocross events. These odds represent the potential payouts that bettors can receive for successful bets.

The odds can be presented in various formats, including:

  • Fractional odds (common in the UK).

  • Decimal odds (used in many countries).

  • Moneyline odds (common in the US).

Understanding the format is crucial to calculating potential profits accurately. In fractional odds, the top number represents potential profit, while the bottom number represents the stake. With decimal odds, you multiply your stake by the odds to determine potential profit.

Moneyline odds use a plus or minus sign to indicate profit on a $100 bet for positive odds, and the amount needed to wager for negative odds. For example, if an odd is -500, you would win $120 for every $100 you wager, resulting in $20 profit plus your original $100. If an odd is +200 you would win $300, resulting in $200 profit plus your original $100.

Bettors should grasp the odds format their chosen sportsbook uses to make well-informed betting decisions. It’s also important to stay updated on any changes in odds, as they can fluctuate based on various factors, including public sentiment and new information.

By utilizing odds effectively and conducting thorough research, bettors aim to maximize their chances of making profitable wagers in the exciting world of Nitrocross.

Who Can Bet On Nitrocross?

Anyone who chooses to engage in sports betting must be 21+ years of age and located in a legal sports betting region. Betting on Nitrocross naturally attracts motorsport enthusiasts who appreciate the sport and see betting as an exciting way to deepen their engagement. Their knowledge of drivers, teams, and track conditions is a valuable asset in making successful and informed bets.

For sports betting enthusiasts, Nitrocross betting offers a fresh and dynamic alternative to traditional sports betting. It introduces an element of unpredictability and high-speed excitement that can be particularly appealing.

Additionally, fans seeking active participation and entertainment value find that Nitrocross provides a fun alternative to engage in the sport. It transforms races into personal investments, making the viewing experience more exciting and memorable.

Ultimately, Nitrocross betting is for those who want to combine their love for motorsports with a desire for added excitement and entertainment. Remembering to always do so responsibly and mindfully.

Where to Place Nitrocross Bets

To bet on NitroCross, you’ll want to explore reputable online sportsbooks and betting platforms including Betfred and DraftKings sportsbooks. These sites offer markets for this thrilling motorsport.

So, what do you do next? We suggest you start by conducting thorough online research to identify trusted sportsbook operator platforms. Use positive user reviews and a history of providing fair and secure betting services to help you identify these platforms.

Also ensure that your chosen sportsbook covers Nitrocross events, as not all platforms offer markets for this specific motorsport. You can visit our partner sportsbooks to see which operators are currently carrying Nitrocross markets in your region. Next, evaluate your options, and compare the odds and betting markets across various sportsbooks. It’s always a good idea to signup and deposit funds into multiple sportsbooks so you can take advantage of all the various signup bonuses and find the best odds for your desired bet. Look to identify offers to find the most competitive options that align with your preferences.

Ultimately, verify that the platform is licensed and regulated, prioritizing security for your personal and financial information.


Nitrocross is a new and exciting motorsports racing event, and betting can improve the experience. Nitrocross betting blends the thrill of motorsports with the potential rewards of winning a bet.

To engage in Nitrocross betting, NXTbets helps bettors find reputable online sportsbooks and platforms that cover this motorsport. Our goal is to provide you with a platform that aligns with your preferences and offers a secure and enjoyable betting experience.

Nitrocross betting suits motorsport enthusiasts, Nitrocross fans seeking better engagement experiences, adrenaline seekers, and seasoned bettors. Overall, it should always be approached responsibly, and stay within the individual’s means to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

21+ Please refer to Affiliated Operators’ T&C. Void where prohibited. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER


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