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  • Greg Terlizzi

Insta360 Wraps Up the Latest Nitro Rallycross Action

Nitro Rallycross (Nitro RX) and Insta360’s recent partnership is allowing fans to watch rallycross in brand new ways. As the 22-23 season drew to a close, Insta360 traveled with Nitro RX to join the final rounds in Calgary and LA.

The results? Very good.

The Argument for 360 Filming:

The partnership with Insta360 brings unique angles to the world of motorsport. Some of the recent highlights and footage releases say more than enough:

The beauty of a 360 action camera is its ability to get the full picture no matter what, with the option to easily choose the best angles and shots after the race is over. This makes it easy to capture dynamic action, whether drifting door-to-door through a corner, flying over a jump, or racing mid-pack.

On the track, it’s obvious. With a simple reframe, a close shot between two cars can quickly zoom out to capture a huge jump. That’s some seriously groundbreaking potential.

For motorsports and 360 action cameras, sharing these angles brings fans closer to the action and allows them to experience it in new, memorable ways. When combined with Insta360’s Invisible Selfie Stick effect, certain car angles can even feel like a video game.

Recent Success:

Insta360 first debuted on Nitro RX cars at Calgary’s legendary Stampede Park. With freezing temperatures and a frigid track, the cameras did a great job at both onboard and external shots of the cars tearing it up across the snow and ice.

The team then moved on to LA’s iconic Glen Helen Raceway, with a dirt course tailored for the rigors of off-road and motorcross racing. Mother Nature threw in the additional challenge of rain and mud from a powerful winter storm. Again, a non-issue of the Insta360 cameras – proving that they can stand up to demanding conditions and produce some seriously impressive content.

Whether snow, dust, mud, or rain, Insta360’s range of cameras can get outstanding footage in any situation. Simple!

Foot to the Floor:

The partnership is revolutionizing how fans can engage with the sport. The key takeaway: Insta360 cameras are carving out a fresh way to enjoy motorsport for fans across the globe.

About Nitro Rallycross

Launched in 2018 by motorsports icon Travis Pastrana and the innovators of Nitro Circus, Nitro Rallycross has revolutionized motorsport. With innovative purpose-built courses, banked turns inspired by the wide-open action of Supercross and short-form, head-to-head competition, Nitro RX creates high-impact, thrill-packed racing. Nitro RX' s custom-built tracks - featuring the biggest jumps seen in motorsports - create unrivalled racing excitement. The full-throttle competition is now set to go global with Nitro Rallycross'

expansion into a full standalone championship series. Nitro RX is also adding Group E, an electric circuit featuring the all-new FC1-X, the most powerful Rallycross vehicle ever built. For more information, visit

About Insta360

Insta360 creates boldly innovative products that help people capture and share their lives. With "Think bold" mindset, Insta360 is reimagining the limits of action cameras, 360 VR cameras and traditional photography solutions. Powered by Al, the brand's video editing software is revolutionizing the way creators make engaging content. Insta360 is dedicated to helping a new generation of athletes, creatives, adventure travelers and professionals bring their ideas to life. For more details visit:

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