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Action Sports Icon Travis Pastrana to Hand Off His Vermont SportsCar FC1-X at Glen Helen Raceway for Sunday’s Round 7

The Seat for Block is a Poignant Move Given That Her Father, the Late Ken Block, Began His Rallying Career With the Outfit

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(Los Angeles, CA / Thursday, December 7) - This Sunday's Nitrocross race at Glen Helen Raceway will witness a historic moment as 17-year-old Lia Block steps into the spotlight, making her debut in the premier class of Nitrcross, the Group E category. Block's ascension marks a significant milestone, not just as the youngest driver in Group E's history but also as the category's first female contender.

Reflecting on her forthcoming debut in Group E, Lia Block expressed her excitement, stating, "From first starting Nitrocross when I was 14 years old to now, three years later, being in the top class is crazy to think about. I’ve always wanted to do the gap jump ever since I started. This feels very much like full circle and I’m so thankful for Travis and the team at Vermont Sportscar to give me this opportunity to race at the top. I can’t wait to give it my all this weekend at Glen Helen!”

Travis Pastrana, acknowledging Block's upcoming milestone, commented, "Lia is a quick study and an amazing talent. Ken gave me the opportunity to shine by allowing me to star in his gymkhana videos and now with the help of my team at Vermont SportsCar we couldn't be more excited to give Lia this opportunity to race alongside the best drivers in the world at the wheel of my Group E car.”

Pastrana added: “She can be anywhere she wants to be, not because of the resources she has or who her father was. She's going to be that good because she believes she can with confidence I've never seen and a natural ability to find speed where others can't. She will do her best as Lia Block, not as Ken's daughter, but as her own legacy.”

Taking over the reins from the legendary Travis Pastrana at Vermont SportsCar for the second leg of the Southern California double-header holds a special significance for Lia Block as her late father, Ken Block, commenced his rallying journey with the same group.

Block's meteoric rise includes a triumphant victory in the American Rally Association series' Open 2WD category this year. Notably, she has also showcased her prowess in Nitrocross' NEXT category, securing a podium finish in Phoenix this November.

While Lia Block gears up for her foray into the F1 Academy open-wheel series with ART Grand Prix under the Williams Racing banner next year, her commitment to the world of Nitrocross and rallying remains unwavering. Despite transitioning to circuit racing after several years in karting and multiple successful open-wheel tests, Block emphasized that her aspirations in Nitrocross and rallying persist, leaving the door open for future outings in these disciplines.


Originally launched in 2018 by global icon Travis Pastrana and the limit-pushers of Nitro Circus as Nitro Rallycross, this dynamic motorsport property – home of cars that fly and tracks that thrill - is now Nitrocross.

Fusing intuitive short-form competition with the adrenaline rush of action sports, Nitrocross has revolutionized racing. Featuring innovative purpose-built courses packed with huge jumps and banked turns, Nitrocross creates intense pulse-pounding action. Each event is part of a full standalone series headlined by Group E and the groundbreaking FC1-X, the most dynamic electric race car ever built. At every round, the world’s best drivers are put to the test in a variety of environments as they battle for the prized Ken Block Championship Trophy. Each stop also showcases additional motorsport disciplines along with fun live entertainment to offer fans a full festival experience.

Off the track, Nitrocross creates engaging original content, going inside the cockpit and behind the scenes to showcase the strong personalities and compelling stories on the road to the championship. For more information, visit:


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