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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Today, Nitro Rallycross revealed the bodywork concept for the all-new FC1-X. This revolutionary vehicle, designed specifically to withstand the most punishing tracks in motorsports, will compete in the property’s electric Supercar class starting in 2022. The modern design also takes an aggressive stance with a muscular edge, reflecting the vehicle’s epic performance capabilities.

Nitro Rallycross first set a new standard for motorsports in its 2018 debut, thrilling fans and drivers alike with massive jumps and huge banked turns that took risk to the redline. Looking ahead to 2022, NRX will break the paradigm again with the introduction of the FC1-X, a car purpose-built to handle everything that NRX’s monstrous new tracks in North America, Europe and the Middle East will throw at the best drivers in the world.

Following a period of stagnation after the controversial Group B era (the infamous “Killer B’s” that set the Rally world ablaze in the 1980s with boundary-breaking specs before getting banned after a series of deadly crashes), now comes motorsport’s next quantum leap.

Armed with 21st Century technology and informed by Nitro Circus’ nearly two decades of experience producing spectacular, limit-pushing events, Nitro Rallycross is picking up the mantle of progression. In that spirit, NRX will name the upcoming electric class Group E in honor of its legendary Group B predecessors.

Travis Pastrana, motorsports icon and the mastermind behind Nitro Rallycross, says, “With the FC1-X, our goal was to create the toughest and fastest Rallycross car ever built for competition. A car that will be able to excite the drivers and the fans while withstanding the toughest tracks in motorsport. That’s a tall order, but after having the opportunity to work with the best in the business we’re excited to see the results.” Pastrana adds, “Group B cars were the baddest cars ever rally’d. With that in mind, we are proud to name this new era of car, Group E. With more torque, acceleration and top speed than any current Rallycross Supercar, you have to see it to believe it.”

The car has been tuned for peak performance, and since these literally are, in Pastrana’s words, “cars that fly,” FC1-X’s aero package has been precision engineered so that competitors can make minute changes to adapt the vehicle to their individual driving (and flying) styles.

Every aspect of the FC1-X, designed with direct input from teams and key industry stakeholders, has been optimized for mind-bending speed. The all-electric, all-wheel drive powertrain makes over 1,000 peak horsepower, more than double the power of a Group B vehicle. The vehicle can launch from 0-60mph in under 1.5 seconds, quicker off the starting line than an F1 car. Capable of pushing three g’s, it is not only the fastest vehicle in the history of Rallycross but is also one of the fastest accelerating race cars in the world.

The chassis is also revolutionary. Featuring an ultra-strong space frame construction – another Rallycross first - and over one foot of suspension travel at each corner, it is the most capable Rallycross car ever built.

The FC1-X will need to be rugged: the massive 100-foot gap jumps at the inaugural NRX track in 2018 were just the beginning. Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Rallycross team are working on next level track designs that will be permanently built at premier racing grounds around the world.

Joe Carr, CEO of Thrill One Sports & Entertainment - parent company of Nitro Rallycross - says, “The overall mission of the FC1-X is to show the world the massive performance potential in electric vehicles by creating the fastest Rallycross car ever seen. The tremendous capabilities of the FC1-X, combined with NRX’s incredible tracks, sets the stage for an entirely new type of racing supercharged with wide open action and high-adrenaline thrills.”

The design released today reflects the baseline NRX bodywork concept. Going forward, keep an eye out as manufacturers release their own crossover SUV-based designs in the future.


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