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Updated: Feb 29

LAS VEGAS – February 28, 2024 – Nitrocross, the American rallycross racing series created by global icon Travis Pastrana, announced today the launch of “SIERRA Car” support series, a new, cutting-edge electric race class, created in partnership with SIERRA Car, the trailblazing force in ultra-performance, rally-inspired race vehicles, and Hypercraft, the pioneer of agnostic, OEM-grade EV powertrain solutions.   

“This new class and partnership marks a pivotal moment in the motorsport industry,” said Nitrocross General Manager Chip Pankow. “Together, we’re redefining action sports by pairing the most innovative, race-proven electric vehicle with the world of  Nitrocross, and have made it available for immediate purchase. From day one, Nitrocross has sought to deliver unprecedented driving experiences while creating pathways for developing drivers. The SIERRA Car support series is the embodiment of that purpose.” 

“SIERRA Car is the perfect storm of electrified performance in a race-proven chassis. It’s the ultimate hyper-performing, rally-inspired race vehicle that excels in multi-terrain racing environments,” says Kirk Miller, VP of sales and marketing at Hypercraft. “The incorporation of that platform within Nitrocross has for the first-time created a powerful stepping stone series for drivers of all disciplines, from professionals to up-and-comers. We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to facilitate that.” 

United by a shared vision to platform the next generation of motorsport athletes and to democratize electric vehicle race car access, this unprecedented, adrenaline-fueled partnership will first-debut with the series vehicle, “SIERRA ECHO R-Spec'' in an exhibition-style reveal at Nitrocross 2023/2024 Season Finale in Las Vegas on March 1, 2024.

Technical Specifications of the SIERRA Car 

  • SIERRA Echo R-Spec (Race-Spec) 

  • 306 hp - 365 ft/lbs Torque - 1550 lbs Total Weight (not including driver) 

  • Power-to-Weight Ratio of 4.8 lbs : 1 hp (comparative: Lamborghini Aventador PTW 4.68 lbs : 1 hp) 

  • 100+ mph Top Speed - 3.8 seconds 0-60 ETA 

  • Powertrain: Hypercraft R-Spec & SADEV Differential - RWD - Powered by: Hypercraft POWER HyperPack Battery (18kWh@450v) 

  • Chassis: 68 in Width - 94 in Wheelbase - 6 in Ground Clearance - FOX 2.5 Q53 Shocks - Wilwood 4-piston Vented Disc Brakes 

In Las Vegas, fans and pros alike will get a taste of the SIERRA ECHO platform’s performance through special appearances from Racecar Driver Robin Shute, and an all-star motorsport ensemble, including Lindsay Brewer, Amanda Sorensen, Ellis Spiezia and Collete Davis. 

In September, the premiere SIERRA Car support series race will take place at Nitrocross 24/25 in Richmond, VA. There, a full field of vetted drivers and teams will make electric motorsport race history, injecting a fresh and engaging dynamic into an already thrilling event series. 

Nitrocross, renowned for its innovative short-form competition and action-packed racing events, has brought a revolution to the racing world. With purpose-built courses featuring massive jumps and banked turns, Nitrocross delivers intense, pulse-pounding action across a series headlined by Group E and the revolutionary FC1-X, the most explosive electric race car ever built. The series has become a global spectacle, where the world's best drivers compete for the coveted Ken Block Championship Trophy.

SIERRA Car is disrupting motorsports with its groundbreaking SIERRA ECHO R-Spec vehicle, turning spectators into active participants. The SIERRA ECHO harmonizes technology, performance, and multi-terrain mastery in a safe and accessible hyper-performing package suitable for various driving disciplines. It represents the epitome of ingenuity and innovation, inviting driving enthusiasts worldwide to join the motorsport revolution and unleash their inner drive to become the best driver they can be.

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