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Rallycross Race cars

Supercar Races: The Ultimate in Racing Competition

Racing fans are competitors at heart, and competition is the heartbeat of racing. Add to that the passion, the sound of the engines, the smells of the track, along with the sounds of the crowd filling the air, and the level of excitement jumps to ten. Wait, because when it comes to supercar races and the fast, flying, and powerful action of Rallycross race cars, the fun and intensity just jumped off the radar.

While many forms of racing use traditional polling methods, like the fastest lap time after one or a few trips around an empty track (yawn), supercar races take it to the next level. These Rallycross race cars and drivers have to do a lot more in the world of RX to earn a pole position or even a spot in the race.

Just to qualify and earn a place on the track, the drivers of Rallycross race cars must not only do a time trial run, but they also must engage in head-to-head competition. No, that still doesn't qualify for a place in these ultimate supercar races on the RX scene. In addition to these qualifying legs, drivers must then compete in heats where only the top four get out alive.

Now, and after accumulating enough points, the best and fastest drivers and Rallycross race cars get to advance to race day. Welcome to Nitro RX where we create the most exciting racing formats, the most intense level of competition, and the most exciting races on the planet. Thank you for stopping by, and please contact us if you would like to get more information or learn more about the RX racing scene. Just remember to make it fast because nothing moves slowly in the world of RX.

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