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RX World Tours

RX World Tours Coming to a Track Near You Soon

Imagine a race where the level of competition is insane. Picture RX race cars flying through the air coming off a massive jump. Dare if you will, to envision the racecar next to you only inches away, and the difference between coming out of the turn in front is the precision between you and the competition breathing down your neck - got it? Then you have just described Nitro RX and the RX World Tours coming soon to a track near you.

If names like Tanner Foust, Scott Speed, Ken Block, Timmy Hansen, and Travis Pastrana sound familiar, then you are likely already familiar with the RX World Tours. If you aren't yet familiar, stick around a minute, and you will be. That is because these drivers are some of the best in the business, and at Nitro RX we bring the best drivers and most challenging tracks to race fans everywhere.

Contact Nitro RX to learn more about the RX World Tours, and how a great idea a few short years ago has become a racing passion today. RX World Tours, coming soon to a track near you.

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