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Cars that fly, tracks that thrill.

Welcome to Nitrocross, the next frontier of motorsports, where the adrenaline doesn't just pump—it soars. Initially envisioned by Travis Pastrana, we have redefined the very essence of racing. No longer confined to just pavement or gravel, our races are battles waged on ground-breaking, sky-touching tracks designed to unleash the full power of world-class, high-performance electric vehicles.


Nitrocross isn’t here to save the environment; just race it. We're the most dynamic and electrifying racing league in the world. We defy gravity, break norms, and consistently deliver controlled chaos at its finest.


Our Essence


  • Innovation in Motion: Groundbreaking ideas propel every aspect of Nitrocross; from our electrifying Group E race cars to our engineering marvels of tracks. We're not just ahead of the curve; we're the architects.

  • Controlled Chaos: Imagine the electric hum of engines battling not just competitors but gravity itself, as cars make incredible jumps and daring drifts. We don't just do racing; we perform precision motor artistry in a heart-pounding spectacle.

  • Unyielding Competition: Competing for the coveted Ken Block Championship Trophy, our racers aren't just drivers; they are pilots steering road-bound rockets. Parity is not just a principle; it's our promise – the only unfair advantage is skill. This is the arena where underdogs become legends and where the world's best drivers SEND IT. 

  • Igniting the Future: Nitrocross is not just about today's champions; it's a platform for tomorrow's motorsport superstars and a gateway to the future of fandom. Through developmental classes and partnerships with influencers, we're cultivating a new generation of racers and broadening our audience to create the next wave of motorsport enthusiasts.

  • Festival of Speed: Beyond the races, we offer an entertainment experience with live music, food, and fan zones that create a festival atmosphere.


Every event is a festival of speed, sound, and spectacle, where live entertainment and multiple motorsport disciplines come together to create an experience like no other.


Where the pavement ends, the future begins. This is Nitrocross, changing the future of motorsports.  

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